Potassium Tetraborate


FormulaK2B4 O 7.H2O
AppearanceClean uniform white powder / granular free of foreign matter
Molecular weight305. 30
Solubility17.8% BY WT. @ 25°C


- Silver brazing flux, to increase Boron content in soil


B2O345.10% min
K2 O30.30% min
Insoluble matter0.01% max
Chloride Cl0.005% max
Sulphate SO40.02% max
Heavy Metals as Pb0.005% max
Iron Fe0.001% max

Packaging Material

1. 25kg HDPE bag with inner liners

Product Safety Information

Not flammable, combustible, or explosive and has low acute oral and dermal toxicity.

Shipping Location

Chennai Port, India

Shipping Regulation