Sodium Fluoride (High Purity)


AppearanceWhite powder
Molecular weight42.0
Melting point992° C
Boiling point1704° C
Solubility3.98g/100ml H2O at 20°C

4.05 g/100ml H2O

at 30 °C

4.83 g/100ml H2O

at 100°C


- As a laboratory reagent
- In tooth paste industry


Assay99.0% min
Free HF0.05% max
Free NaOH0.05% max
SO40.01% max
Fe0.005% max
Na2SiF60.1% max
Cl0.002% max
Pb0.001% max
Moisture0.2% max

Packaging Material

1. 25Kg HDPE bag with inner PE liner / Fibre Drums

Product Safety Information

Sodium Fluoride is a toxic chemical poisonous. Keep the product in air tight bags. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. In case of contact wash the affected place with running water.

Shipping Location

Chennai Port, India

Shipping Regulation