Fluosilicic Acid 40%


AppearanceClear Colourless Solution, when anhydrous dissociates instantly into SiFand HF
Molecular weight144.08
Specific Gravity1.34 – 1.35 (35% Sol)
1.39 – 1.41 (40% Sol)


- Water fluoridation
- Surface treatment of metals
- In electrolytic refining of lead
- In the manufacture of metallic fluosilicates
- Wood preservative


35% conc.40% conc.
Assay35% min40% min.
Free HF0.20% max0.20% max
SO40.05% max0.05% max
Heavy Metal0.02% max0.02% max
Fe0.02% max0.02% max

Packaging Material

1. 25 Kg HMHDPE Carboys.

2. 40 Kg HMHDPE Carboys.

3. 250 Kg Barrel.

4. 1,250 Kg IBC.

Product Safety Information

Fluosilicic Acid will cause severe irritation of burns to eyes and skin. It is toxic if inhaled or ingested. This product is not for food or drug use.

Shipping Location

Chennai Port, India

Shipping Regulation