Fluoboric Acid 40% & 48%


AppearanceClear Colourless Solution
Molecular weight87.81
Specific gravity1.28 – 1.30 g/cc @ 25ºC for 40% conc
1.36 – 1.38 g/cc @ 25ºC for 48% conc
Boiling point130ºC
MiscibilityMiscible with water and alcohol


-To Clean metal surface prior to electroplating
-Stripping solution for removal of solder
-PH modifier in baths for electroplating metals
-Brightening of aluminium
-Catalyst for Alkylations and polymerisation
-For the stabilisation of diazo salts


40% conc.48% conc.
Assay40% min48 -50% min.
Free H3BO30.5 – 2.0% max0.5 – 2.0% max
Free HFNilNil
SO40.005% max0.005% max
Fe0.0025% max0.0025% max
Pb0.003% max0.003% max
Cl0.005% max0.005% max
Cu0.005% max0.005% max
Ni0.005% max0.005% max

Packaging Material

1. 25 Kg HMHDPE Carboys.

2. 40 Kg HMHDPE Carboys.

3. 250 Kg Barrel.

4. 1,250 Kg IBC.

Product Safety Information

Fluoboric Acid is a toxic and corrosive chemical. Avoid breathing mists and use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.

Shipping Location

Chennai Port, India

Shipping Regulation